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Any resellers noticing a serious down turn stuff sold on craigslist and ebay?


And it is definitely in the crap hole for the resellers out there that try to make some extra cash in spare time. We did the antiquing thing for a while, it was fun and made extra cash and stuff but it is seriously in the crapper right now. We pulled out about 2 years ago because it was tough after we had a second child and it became more of a burden to maintain. But also we heard through the vine that one of the part owners of the store wants to sell her part and get out of it. They also were getting to the point of fibbing about if there was space available or not. They would always say there was a wait to get in there, but there really wasn't. And call that person back the next day.
These are my more recent experiences:

We have been going through a redesign phase of redoing a room and we are trying to recoup some of the money for a very nice good condition sofa and couch that probably sells for over 2g at the store. And we can't even get a third of that.

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