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Save up to 25% on Amazon using Bitcoin with PurseIO


Why spend your precious coins?

We want to live in a world where Bitcoin is used as a currency because it can be a very effective medium of exchange. But the truth is, people don't want to part with their bitcoins. And why should they?
PurseIO provides huge discounts (average savings of 15%) to shop on Amazon.

Why buy bitcoins from PurseIO?

PurseIO is the most convenient way to buy bitcoins. It's as easy as shopping on Amazon! People who have bitcoins set the rate at which you can buy them. Simply add their wish list items on Amazon, check out, and you're done!

How much does PurseIO charge?

We charge a 1% fee for the spender getting the discount. Buyers do not pay a fee.

Where does the discount come from?

Bitcoin is not available everywhere. Depending on where you are, it's a pain in the ass to link bank accounts, pay international wires, get verified, etc. It takes a long time too. People are willing to pay a premium for a quick and convenient solution.

What countries do you support??

Anyone with a major credit card can purchase bitcoins on PurseIO. Bitcoin spenders can shop on or the international sites including CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CN, IN, and JP.

What cryptocurrencies do you support?

PurseIO currently supports Bitcoin. If you would like to see other cryptos supported, please tweet or email us with suggestions!

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