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The State is God

• Brave the World/Julia Tourianski

The worship of what ifs, the assumption of better judgement, the age old tool of good intentions, the ageless logic of for the greater good. The humble attitude of "we do what we must because we can."

Passive protocols, conveyrbelt screenings, systematic surveillance, background checks, foreground balances, areal scans, ground drills, the security of security! 

And how do they reconcile their failures? Why, failure is the greatest tool of all, for it shows the public that the State can do better, that we need more paper and ink, that we need more policy, more policy makers. That we need more people behind podiums and microphones, that we simply need better people to solve the problem of people. 

There's a fetishism for preventative measures. The State is obsessed with stopping events from occurring. 

We have been preserved in a state of potentiality. Bad things might happen, bad people might exist, bad items might be sold, consumed, distributed, or dissolved…untaxed. 

You are now entering zone 6, please display your retinas for scan. 

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