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Who is aiding Muslims pouring into Europe and America – example: Why Harvard went Halal


There has been a massive operation underway for the past few years, to get masses of muslims into western white countries.
Funded by the infinite wealth of the devils own capital – Saudi Arabia, enormous wealth has been poured into key American and British organizations, to permit the mass immigration and islamization of traditonally Christian-Western establishments and values.  In this report from 2008, we read how Harvard University was bribed by Saudi to islaamize Harvaard.  That was in 2008. Can you image what they have accomplished in the interim??  Over the past few years, Harvard University has received millions in endowments from rich Saudi and Emirate sheiks. Now it's returning the favor by Islamizing its campus and promoting the Shariah agenda of its new Arab masters.
Recently, the Ivy League school has made special accommodations for the religious needs of Muslim students, including, and rescheduling of exams to observe Islamic holidays. And this weekend it hosted a $400-per-person conference on Shariah finance led by officials from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The goal of the forum – sponsored by Harvard's Islamic Finance Project – is to "integrate" Islamic finance into the mainstream economy.   
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