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From aerobatics to F1 cars: Inside Red Bull's Hangar-7 museum


With an underlying theme of speed and adrenaline, the stylish, hangar-inspired gallery serves up an ever-changing collection of air and land race hardware. Step inside for a virtual tour of intriguing architecture and high-performance machinery.

Hangar-7 stands among those museums that are as intriguing outside as in. Back around the turn of the millennium, local architect Volkmar Burgstaller was commissioned to build a fitting home for Red Bulls' Flying Bulls, a fleet of historical aircraft. Volkmar abandoned the practical but aesthetically unappealing convention of hangar design for something far more inspired.

The winglike dome and abutting cylindrical towers are built of a latticework of steel supporting a glass shell. The sleek, modern structure stands juxtaposed with the ancient rock of the Alps rising in the backdrop. Each of the 1,754 glass panes strung from the 1,200 tonnes of steel is as distinct as the individual snowflakes that fall on top of the mountains each winter, no two sharing the same dimensions.