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Bucks County Pennsylvania Oath Keepers Object to New MRAP For Police

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Elias Alias, your friendly editor here. Oath Keepers national got an email from Larry Liguori who runs the Pennsylvania chapter of Oath Keepers. He was letting national know that an "MRAP" (a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) military vehicle was to be unveiled at a public press conference . The police would introduce this behemoth to the public in hopes the public would approve.

Bucks County Oath Keepers decided to attend the unveiling and assert their stand against the local police using battle-field military equipment in the towns and settlements of their County. Here is how Larry put it to us in his email:

The Bucks County chapter of Oath Keepers opposes the acquisition of this weapon of war by the Central Bucks Special Response Team and calls for Bucks County to return it to the federal government or dispose of it in a proper manner.

Some of us chimed in with back-and-forth emails and the email chain grew quickly. Stewart Rhodes joined in and the draft for the Bucks County Oath Keepers press release was completed and printed out in time for the unveiling the next day. Andrew Rumbold is a PA State Constable and Oath Keeper. He did the lion's share of the work. But he did not stop there. He videoed the unveiling and some conversations with the police on location. Before I could believe it, he went home and put together an awesome video of the moment.

Below, I'll add the finished draft of the Bucks County chapter's press release, but first I would recommend viewing Andrew Rumbold's video – in which he has added the press release wording on the screen, with background music by Jordan Page.

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