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Strategic Relocation: The Reality Of Survival Communities and Ready Retreats


This week I'll take a break from discussing individual strategic locations and talk about two common frustrations that confront would-be retreat seekers that often goes unfulfilled—the desire to find 1) an already established Prepper community of like-minded people, and 2) a complete and functioning retreat in the area of their interest.

With over 40 years experience consulting in this area I usually have to tell clients that the first is nigh unto impossible and the second, though possible, is very rare.  And, when finished retreats do come on the market, the location, cost, or style often doesn't match the client's personal criteria.  Let me break down these two difficult issues one by one.

Like Minded Communities:  The main reason this idea constitutes "the impossible dream" is that the desire to be prepared is about the only thing preppers have in common—everything else is all over the map.   Preppers are generally an independent, opinionated lot, and it doesn't take much to cause divisions.  It's the inherent disadvantage I've long observed behind conservatives vs liberals—it only take one thing in common to unite liberals and one major difference to divide conservatives.

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