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Interstellar: best sf movie since 2001

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I have a new favorite science fiction movie. I thought it would never happen, but someone finally made a smart, exciting, beautiful and inspiring science fiction film that does 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey one better. Interstellar is full of strong characters as well as being full of heart and capturing the experience of spaceflight and the wonders of the universe as accurately as possible.

It happened through the input of Caltech physicist Kip Thorne. From the Interstellar official website, you can link to the first part of Thorne's new book, The Science of Interstellar. In it, he says:

Most important to me was our vision for a blockbuster movie grounded from the outset in real science…. A film in which the director, screenwriters, and producers respect the science, take inspiration from it, and weave it into the movie's fabric, thoroughly and compellingly…. Nine years later, Interstellar is achieving all we envisioned.

As an example, Interstellar is the only sf film besides 2001 I can think of in which there is no sound in space.

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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100% agree with this article. Went and saw it opening night, and I was blown away at how much a thinking person's movie this is. Yet also humanly touching. Total geekfest. You really need to have at least a basic understanding of some of the concepts of relativity and space/time and so forth to get the most out of this. But even if you are scientifically ignorant,'s entertaining just to look at the eye candy special effects.