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Here's the List of Demands that Ferguson Rioters Gave Police and the Police's Response


"In what is one of the most ridiculous things you'll see leading up to the imminent decision in the Grand Jury investigation into Michael Brown's death, Ferguson rioters have released a list of demands that seem aimed at making it as easy as possible to burn down the cities of Ferguson and St. Louis without repercussion.

Some of the more entertaining and ridiculous demands on the list include:

"Police will give protesters 48 hour advanced notice of the Grand Jury decision"
"Police will wear only the attire minimally required for their safety. Specialized riot gear will be avoided except as a last resort."
"Police will be instructed to be tolerant of minor lawbreaking (such as thrown water bottles)."

Here's  a pic of the list.....they titled it: 'Rules of Engagement'...1rof1 direct link here
Missouri police respond to Ferguson Protest Leadership's ground rules  list of 19 here

Protest leaders from Ferguson have created a 19 point set of ground rules they expect police to follow. These rules are for when they re-start the riots after the Grand Jury makes a decision about charging officer Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

In response Missouri police have released 9 point set of rules for protestors

1. The first priority will be for protestors to remember "don't break the law"

2. Protest leaders will communicate to all protesters the need for non-violence. Leaders will accept responsibility for any acts of violence any protesters engage in.

3. Protesters shall give police a 48 hour notice if they plan to have looting as part of protest operations.

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