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Scott Horton on Rand Paul's Politics: "What An Idiot!"

• by Marc Clair

 Scott and I discussed anything and everything you could ever hope to know about the latest foreign menace in the news, those rascals knowns as the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS). Towards the end of our discussion, we got into discussing the Republican ascension to power, as well as the inevitable Presidential campaign of Rand Paul. Scott has been outspoken about Rand in the past, and he had some more interesting things to say during our interview about Rand Paul's political tactics compared to those of his father.

Here's a quick preview of this week's show, exclusively for my Daily Paul family!

The audio clip is available at Lions of Liberty, and transcribed below for your convenience:

...especially because Ron is not stepping aside and allowing his son to just run with the mantle. Ron is saying correct, very controversial things, and the reporters are going to keep coming to Rand saying "well what about you're dad says this, and what about you're dad says that...", and what does Rand say? "Well, you know, my dad is his own guy, and he says things" and you can tell that he's just annoyed and wants to distance himself. Well, what an idiot! Because his dad is the one who's right about everything, not him. It's the so-called "radical position" that's actually correct, and that the American people actually agreed with, and that the American people loved Ron Paul for dealing with them honestly about. "Listen everybody, you might not like this, it might even make you cry because of what happened to your nephew over there in the war, but this is the truth about it, okay?" That attitude, that was what people responded to, and Ron Paul changed the whole world, not just America.

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