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Press statement and replies to journalists' questions following the G20 summit


Let me start with a few words about the results of our work. First of all, I want to thank our hosts. They really have created a good environment for the G20's work, friendly and business-like at the same time.

I think that our work took place in a very constructive spirit and produced results. Let me say a few words about the aspects I consider most important.

First, we discussed together the global infrastructure initiatives, and in this respect let me note the decision taken to establish an infrastructure hub in Sydney. Our financial institutions are also interested in this organisation that will be set up. This is an issue to which the Russian Government has paid close and constant attention of late. These decisions are valuable in that they identify best practice and create opportunities for exchanging information in this vitally important area.

The second important moment regards another issue that is always at the centre of our attention and indeed, we are putting considerable resources into addressing this matter. I am referring to unemployment and the labour market.

Let me remind you that the situation in Russia is good overall. We have a relatively low level of unemployment. Unemployment stood at slightly over 5 percent six months ago, and is currently at 4.9 percent. This figure might drop a little further perhaps by the end of the year. These are good figures, very good even, when compared to the situation many of our partners face.

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