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A Tea Kettle Alternative That's Cooler, Cleaner, and More Eco-Friendly

•, By Margaret Rhodes

Turns out, that extra energy—the energy used to heat thrown out or leftover water—is enough to light all the streetlights in London for a night.

Between the tea and London streetlights, this problem sounds pretty specific to Brits. But heating up too much water is a universal habit. Maybe it's tea in Japan, or pour over coffee in the United States—we all do it, and therefore, we're all wasting energy. A kettle like this one could help solve that particular problem.

Calling Miito a kettle is a little misleading. It's designed to replace electric kettles, but it's actually a portable induction stove shaped like a hockey puck. It comes with a magnetic electric rod that gets dunked into whatever cup of liquid is sitting on top of the Miito. Once the rod makes contact with the induction top, Miito sends out an electromagnetic field, the rod gets hot, heating up the liquid along with it.

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