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NY Police Caught Stealing Guns from Dead Americans

• Pike

Unfortunately, the police will not be paying a visit to offer their condolences to family members of the deceased.

Instead, the police are starting a program to confiscate firearms. In order to better "serve and protect", the police department will be running a cross check between the death records and gun permit holders. They are, of course, doing this in the name of public safety.

I suppose this shouldn't come as much of a surprise, particularly out of New York. This is the state that locked up football player Plaxico Burress for shooting himself in the leg. The crime wasn't public endangerment, but the fact that Burress possessed a gun. Government officials in New York don't want anyone possessing a gun except for themselves.

It will be interesting to see if this new program goes forward. It would have little chance in the south, but there may not be enough gun advocates in Buffalo to stop this.

As one Buffalo attorney pointed out, if the police come to your door without a warrant signed by a judge, you don't have to let them in or give them anything. Let's hope the people in Buffalo understand their rights.

It is hard to imagine that the police will get a signed warrant, but anything is possible. Unfortunately, the police know that they can show up at doors without warrants and some people will be intimidated into giving up their rights.

Gun Rights or Property Rights?

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