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Here's what Apple announced at today's big Apple Watch event


The big news, as expected, was the Apple Watch.  

This was the second time Apple announced the Apple Watch. Somewhat surprisingly, Apple didn't really offer any single clear reason why you'll want one — rather, there are a bunch of scenarios, from checking your heartrate to answering calls to buying products just by holding the watch close to an Apple Pay terminal. 

The biggest news related to the watch was the price. The cheapest watch is $349, and the most expensive watch is $17,000. The watch bands vary in price from from $49 for the plastic band to $449 for the link bracelet.

Beyond the watch, Apple made a few other announcements.

It has a new, thinner MacBook which is shipping on April 10. It only weighs 2 pounds, making it the lightest laptop Apple has ever sold. It has a Retina display.

Apple also announced Apple TV will be the exclusive launch partner for HBO Now, HBO's standalone streaming service. The Apple TV will be cut to $69.

Apple also announced ResearchKit, which is a new way for medical researchers to use the iPhone to collect research data. This seems like a really exciting development. If it works, it could help scientists collect data on serious diseases like Parkinson's.