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New Startups Are Allowing Satellites to 'Rideshare' All the Way to Space


A slew of new companies are trying to democratize space access using the mantra that, if you're all going to the same place, why not go together?

In this case, however, we're talking about launching satellites into orbit, something that costs much more than a trip home from the bar. Until now, companies and research groups wanting to launch small satellites had to hope that a much larger company had space on their rockets to stow the smaller satellites.

That's not an ideal arrangement for small companies, however. If you're hitching a ride with a huge company that can afford the several hundred million dollars necessary for a full launch, you're at the whim of that larger company. You fly when that company wants to fly, launch from where it wants to launch, and, if there's a delay or other interruption, you're stuck on the ground until further notice.

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