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Review: Sena Prism Bluetooth motorcycle action camera


Sena's excellent 20S Bluetooth headset is my daily driver these days - and now there's an action camera to go with it. The Prism is a 1080p/30fps camera designed specifically for motorcycle use, and it links up with the 20S to take advantage of the headset's audio capabilities.

Sena Prism mounted on a Nolan N104 flip-face helmet (Photo: Chris Blain/

Sena Prism mounted on a Nolan N104 flip-face helmet (Photo: Chris Blain/

Example still shot from the Sena Prism (Photo: Loz Blain/

Sena Prism: waterproof case with quick-release mount on a ball head (Photo: Loz Blain/Gizm...

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It's Sena's first camera, and it's pretty well executed. A simple two-button design lets you cycle through modes and start/stop recording in a way that'll be very familiar to GoPro users. Video options are basic – 1080p or 720p at 30 frames per second, or 480p at 120 frames for chunky slow motion visuals. Video quality is fine, it's probably around the level of an entry-level GoPro Hero.

Sena Prism: video screenshot showing field of view taking in bike controls and the road ah...

Audio is more interesting. When connected to a Bluetooth headset, it records your voice directly onto the video, taking advantage of your headset's noise reduction capabilities to give you a nice, clean audio track of yourself speaking as you ride, much like what the GP10 backpack does when coupled with a GoPro, but without the extra bulk.

The Prism also sends voice prompts back to your headset speakers to let you know what's going on – which mode you're in, whether the camera's connected, and when you start and stop recording. It's a handy feature that should prevent a lot of missed footage.

Sena Prism with all included mounting hardware - an impressive selection! (Photo: Loz Blai...

The mount kit deserves a lot of praise. It's been very well thought out from a biker's perspective and frankly makes the standard GoPro mount set look very ordinary. Everything from the GoPro-compatible sticker mounts to the bar mount to the helmet mount includes a ball head, so positioning the camera and getting the angle you want is quick and easy.

The sucker mount is unusual, you can configure it as either a single or double sucker unit, which gives you a bit of redundancy if one falls off, and Sena helpfully throws in a little metal cable as a last resort. As an idiot who has now thrown five action cameras down the road at high speed due to the sucker mounts failing, I'm a fan.

Last and probably most importantly, there's the helmet mount itself. It attaches to the side of your lid in about the same way Sena's headsets do, either clamping to the helmet shell, or using strong 3M adhesive to stick to the side. I've tested these sticker mounts at high speeds and in all kinds of weather and never had a problem.