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Health Ranger reveals how Trump can WIN in November on issues like hemp,


(NaturalNews) In the most recent Quinnipiac University poll, presumptive nominees for the presidency, Donald Trump for the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats, the race was a virtual dead heat. That surprised many who believe that Clinton will walk away with the White House this fall, despite her legal issues and the fact that a majority of voters say they don't trust her.

But Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, says he believes Trump can pull off the upset if he focuses on issues that a majority or Americans – or at least a large plurality, from both major parties and among Independents – favor.

In a recent edition of his popular "Health Ranger Report," which airs daily on and on his own Health Ranger Report site, Adams says Trump can pull in votes backing issues like wider use of medical hemp, holistic medicine and naturopathic care.

"This list of three game-changing topics could bring Trump an extra 5 - 10% of progressives while keeping the votes of nearly all conservatives," he says. "These are things that Donald Trump can announce his support for, and then win the election because he'll get huge support" even from voters who do not typically support Republican candidates.

He went on to say that many Democrats would also likely support Trump because they are fans of holistic, alternative medicine and medical hemp, while Clinton is wholly owned by Monsanto and Big Pharma, as well as big banks and the petrochemical industries.

Clinton 'may mean the end of America'

"And a lot of [Sen.] Bernie [Sanders, I-Vt.] voters really hate Clinton and the way she stole the election and committed absolute fraud and conspired with The Associated Press to commit voter fraud," Adams continued.

He also noted what many political experts still don't see or don't understand: That millions of Americans are "just ready for something different" in a presidential candidate this time around, having grown weary of the lies, deceit and neglect by the so-called 'Establishment' candidates, of which Clinton most certainly is.

Adams went on to reiterate his support for Trump over Clinton because he believes she "is the worst thing that could happen to America."

"If she is elected," he continued, "it may mean the end of America."

Adams then explained a bit about why he believes the three issues he believes Trump should support are important:

....Medical hemp...medical marijuana...I'm not talking about legalizing recreational marijuana everywhere like it is in Colorado. I'm just saying...if Trump came out and said, 'I am going to decriminalize when it's in a form that can be taken orally,' as a liquid extract, for example, or as a plant juice. ...Hemp juice is actually really, really good for you.


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