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Political Correctness--Leftist Ploy or Mental Illness?

• by L. Neil Smith

It should never have been necessary. The Libertarian Enterprise is nothing, if not a Bill of Rights publication.

Political correctness is nothing new, believe me. Back in the 1980s, thirty-six years ago, I realized that my writings would never make it past the "Liberal" gate-keepers to win a Hugo, a Nebula, or a John W. Campbell Award. Okay, I learned to live with that. It"s why there"s a Prometheus Award today, for works that make "Progressives" uncomfortable.

However, when, day after day, week after week, month after month, practically minute after minute, we go on hearing about various blatantly anti-Constitutional political atrocities being committed in the name of political correctness—a baker being fined absurdly by a kangaroo judge for refusing to bake a cake for an event he personally and morally opposes; ridiculous and crushing fines being levied for anybody"s failure to employ the politically correct pronoun of the month—it is long past time for all journalists of good conscience, even if they wholeheartedly support gay marriage and freedom to choose one"s own gender designation as we do, to speak up. (Although it does come as something of a shock to some of us to realize that we are, indeed, journalists.)

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