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The Annual Flu Shot Gauntlet Begins with a Super-Snarky Study


This year, the flu shot gauntlet has fired the starting gun with a study that makes it sound like only crazy hippies protect their children from the annual injection.

In an extremely biased article presented as news instead of opinion (which, as we've discussed, is the very definition of propaganda) US News reported:

The new study findings are based on nearly 9,000 kids, aged 4 to 17, whose families took part in a national health survey. The results were published online Oct. 3 inPediatrics.

Overall, around 4 percent to 8 percent of kids had ever received an alternative therapy for "health reasons" (other than vitamins or minerals).

It turned out that children who'd received certain CAM therapies were less likely to have gotten a flu shot in the past year.

These included kids who'd been treated through "alternative medicine systems," such as acupuncture, naturopathy and homeopathy; or body-based therapies, like massage, chiropractic manipulation and craniosacral therapy, which is done to relieve pain and tension.

Roughly one-third of kids who'd received such therapies had gotten a flu shot, versus 43 percent of other kids, the study found.

The study authors did weigh other factors — like parents' education levels and income — and CAM use was still linked to lower odds of flu vaccination.

It's possible, Poland said, that parents who are drawn to alternative therapies are also more skeptical about vaccines in general.

The article fails to mention how pharmaceutical companies literally make billions of dollars from pushing ineffective vaccines and how it is illegal to hold the company responsible for a shot that injures or even kills your child – the government has a special fund for that. This means that Big Pharma has no real skin in the game and are working without any fear of repercussions. Corporate greed supported by biased science are all they have to worry about.

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