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The Electoral College Can Be Stolen, But It Won't


If there's ever a year that the centuries old Electoral College might crumble, it's this one. America had two candidates running for President with incredibly high unfavorable ratings, the official campaigns, and their surrogates were emotionally manipulative and negative in their campaigning, and we exist in a society that has forgotten how to win or lose – for participation ribbons go to everyone. This is a fine recipe for taking down a cherished institution that is so based on trust that it has long been considered a rubber-stamp, as certain of outcome and as devoid of human input or error as if it were a machine.

That would be it if Hillary Clinton had won, but Donald Trump won – the outsider who made it his daily hobby to poke at virtually every powerful establishment institution on the globe – from the State Department to the European Union to the Soros family. It would be foolish for the established interests in American society and the world to feel at ease in Trumpland.

No one, including Trump, knows what may come next. As such, the establishment interests have continued their fight, going so far as to undermine what has been deemed a legitimate election by both sides. The last few nights in New York City protests were held that specifically referenced December 19 as the true Election Day. That's the day by which electors are supposed to meet in the state capitals and cast their rubber stamp votes for President and Vice President, ultimately upholding the popular vote that took place in that state on Election Day.

We have ALWAYS been able to trust these electors – except for 157 of them over the course of US History. We know nothing would go wrong because some states have BIG fines – like $1,000 for not casting a vote accurately. There's no way the electors would EVER betray the popular votes of their states – because they are generally establishment Democratic Party and Republican Party hacks who would not want to ruin their political futures by going against their party's nominee.

All this tells me how easy it is to upend the Electoral College this year. After 18 months of Trump being treated like garbage by the establishment of the Republican Party, you mean to tell me there aren't a few dozen "Never Trump" electors who would step up and unite against Trump? You better damn well believe there are.

They don't need to choose Hillary either. If neither candidate receives more than 269 Electoral College votes, then the decision goes to the US House of Representatives in early January to choose a President. Rather than the current President Elect, certainly a more amenable candidate to the establishment, a less oppositional candidate to the establishment, who everyone in the establishment can get more comfortable with would be chosen. We would all be told it is for the best.

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