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Is Jill Stein's Recount an Attempt to Steal the Election For Hillary?

• Prison by Paul Joseph Watson

Some Trump supporters are concerned that Jill Stein's recount is an attempt to steal the election for Hillary Clinton after questions were asked as to why the recount is only taking place in closely fought swing states that Trump won.

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**Urgent******Latest Update****** THE ELECTION IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING STOLEN. AND YES, HILLARY SET THIS UP AND IS NOW THE PRIME FUNDING SUSPECT. THE LAST CONCEIVABLE OPPORTUNITY TO CALL FOR A RECOUNT IN PENNSYLVANIA WAS THE 23rd, WITH THE GENERAL REQUIREMENT BEING THE CALL MUST BE ENTERED ON OR BEFORE THE 17TH. Election filing deadlines: ***11/23: Last day on which a recount or re-canvass can be scheduled to begin. ***11/28: Last day for the county boards of elections to file returns from the November election. ***11/29: No later than 12 Noon on this day, a recount or re-canvass must be completed. A READER WROTE THAT THE PENNSYLVANIA DEADLINE RAN OUT ON SUNDAY (NOVEMBER 27). REMEMBER: Michigan CANNOT BE HACKED. Michigan has a CERTIFIED VOTE. There is NO WAY A VOTE RECOUNT IS LEGIT. And that means ONE THING - there are liars doing it, powerful liars who know in advance they are going to find what they are looking for. Jim Stone

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