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Minimum Wage? Won't Someone Think of the Children!?

• by Chris Baecker

It reminded me of my first job working at the gun range where my dad shot skeet & trap. I earned about $55/week, paid the same way; in cash. I would do simple stuff, like load targets, 'pull' for shooters, maintain the grounds, etc.

Fortunately my daughters have good habits, usually allowing me to stash their earnings & allowances into a little safe (I hope as much with my eldest, as she prefers to keep hers). They'll need to save all they can for a car or computer in the future because the minimum wage acts to shut them out of market work until later in their teens.

At its core, the minimum wage is a coercive extraction of resources from one party (a business owner) to be given to another (a worker) at the behest of elected representatives and/or referendum voters. This is a disconcerting dynamic in a free society where employment is supposed to be a voluntary transaction between employee and employer: a person wants to work, a business needs labor.

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