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Near term off-grid electrification for 1.2 billion people


Offgrid solar, batteries and LED lighting will be circumventing this bottleneck. Although there is still distribution, delivery and retail availability issues in undeveloped rural areas. Drone delivery could surmount the problem of no roads or bad roads to get around the delivery issues. Getting electricity and cheap smartphones will enable poor people to have basic internet access.

Access to energy, especially modern sources, is a key to any development initiative The use of both traditional (biomass energy burned in conventional stoves) and modern (electricity and kerosene) sources improves household consumption and income, the return on modern sources is 20 to 25 times higher than that on traditional sources. The international community has long been aware of the close correlation between income levels and access to modern energy: not surprisingly, countries with a large proportion of the population living on an income of less than $2 per day tend to have low electrification rates and a high proportion of the population relying on the traditional use of biomass for cooking

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