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Designer of HPV Gardasil vaccine says it's neither safe nor effective

•, by Dr. Eowyn

So it should give parents pause that, beginning in 2009, Dr. Harper has questioned both the safety and effectiveness of Gardasil. In stating her misgivings, Dr. Harper has appeared at the International Public Conference on Vaccination, a conference held by the the anti-vaccine group National Vaccine Information Center, and in an anti-vaccine film, The Greater Good:

Citing research, Harper states Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer each year, and that the risks of vaccination are underreported.

Nor is Gardasil effective in preventing HPV infection because the infection can take decades to develop, as explained below. Getting routine pap smears is more effective in early detection and thus, treatment of cervical cancer.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Can someone explain to me how lying and posting easily refutable demonstrable false information help the cause of freedom? Churchill is reputed to have said that in wartime the truth requires a bodyguard of lies. If this is wartime than what does peace look like? The above article is a lie: You folks are rumor mongers possibly causing harm, if not death to gullible fools. But hey --- the upside is that by killing off the stupid, you may raise the general intelligence level of the survivors

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