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The Conservative Christian Lie about Obama and the Military


That the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama was an "obomination" there is no question. During his presidency I wrote of his radical associations, his life spent in the service of racial preference, his aberrant Christianity, his cultural Marxism, his dictatorial ambitions, his warmongering and militarism, his "signature health care law," and his desire to further redistribute Americans' wealth.

It would be hard for Obama's record to be any worse than it is. Yet, some people still feel the need to lie about Obama's record. Obama's actions were so bad and so bad so often that it is incredible that anyone would have to resort to lies about Obama in order to impugn him.

Especially when the liars are conservative Christians.

I get a lot of e-mails from conservative organizations, many of them Christian ones. In a recent e-mail I received mention was made about welcome changes that President Trump has made, including "an order to rebuild the U.S. military, which has been devastated by eight years of the Obama administration."

If the author had said that the military was devastated by Obama because of women in combat, the observance of LGBT Pride Month, homosexuals allowed to serve openly, or the military paying for gender-confused soldiers to take hormones, then I would agree with him. But the author has swallowed hook, line, and sinker the lie—peddled by the Heritage Foundation and other conservative lovers of the military—that the military must be rebuilt because Obama has gutted it. 

This is something that must be addressed because it is an opinion shared by many conservative Christian lovers of, defenders of, and apologists for, the U.S. military.

Back in 2009, I pointed out that Obama's first defense budget (for fiscal year 2010, which began on Oct. 1, 2009) was $20 billion higher than Bush's last defense budget. Obama's first defense budget was said by then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to provide "the balance necessary to institutionalize and finance our capabilities to fight the wars we are in today and the scenarios we are most likely to face in the years ahead, while at the same time providing a hedge against other risks and contingencies."

From the Historical Tables of the official Budget of the United States, here are the outlays for defense for the eight budgets of George W. Bush and the eight budgets of Barack Obama:

Fiscal year              Defense Spending in millions

2002                      $348,456

2003                      $404,733

2004                      $455,813

2005                      $495,294

2006                      $521,820

2007                      $551,258

2008                      $616,066

2009                      $661,012

2010                      $693,485

2011                      $705,554

2012                      $677,852

2013                      $633,446

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