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Bill Gates Wants to Tax Robots Just Like Humans

•, By Sage Lazzaro

There will still be jobs for humans (in fact, job growth has been on the rise in the U.S.), but they will just be different jobs. If we leave jobs that can be automated to the robots, we'll free up labor so humans can do more meaningful work like caring for the elderly, teaching kids with disabilities and other jobs that require empathy—something robots lack.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Bill Gates is tricky as ever. One potential outcome of robots and, AI that isn't fully AI, could be - robots do everything for us. Robots mine the raw materials. Robots build all of our equipment. Robots handle everything. Robots even repair, rebuild, and build new robots, as necessary to fulfill human need. But, being only partial AI, robots never take over. People get to do anything they want: travel; work on a job; live a life of luxury - because robots do everything that people want. There doesn't have to be any money. But if there is no money, the elites lose control. So, tax robots to keep the no-money thing from happening.

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