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Anthony Weiner's Child Abuse Victim: FBI Director 'Let Abuse Continue'

•, Michael DePinto

Case in point, Anthony Weiner. Unable to learn his lesson despite repeated public exposures, the disgraced former Congressman is back in the spotlight for sexting a minor with his perverted rape fantasies. What's even more sickening is the level of cover up the Deep State is running for Weiner, including FBI Director James Comey. And now, Weiner's abuse victim has spoken up.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at how Comey's vague approach to prosecuting Weiner has put his innocent victim in the media spotlight, probably causing her to relive the trauma over and over again. And while Weiner might possibly be facing 15 years in jail for child pornography, there is a high chance he won't even see the inside of a jail cell. Whether Anthony Weiner is guilty or not is really not in question, what is in question is whose side is James Comey actually representing? Is it the side of the law or the side of the other pedophiles that walk the corridors of power?

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