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Susan Rice Net Worth Exposed: $50M As A CAREER Politician Making $172K At Her Max Salary


The Democratic party is full of corrupt liberals. Under former President Barack Obama, progressives managed to make incredible amounts of money. However, much of their income was earned unethically. Out of all of the Democrats, the former National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, is among the most corrupt and dishonest.

Just recently, it was revealed that while some people have gotten rich by working in the private sector, she used her government position to make millions. Despite being a lifelong civil servant, she now has a net worth totaling nearly $50 million, which is extremely questionable.

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Comment by chris gill
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nothing to see here just smart investments, a few speeches, a book deal. nothing that the common peon could not do themselves....... after all she is a progressive liberal democrat who is above board and would never sully her hands in corruption.

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