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Graphene oxide supercapacitor on verge of commercialization

•, brian wang

Professor Baohua Jia and Dr Han Lin lead a team developing the Bolt Electricity Storage Technology (BEST) battery – a graphene oxide-based supercapacitor offering high performance and low-cost energy storage.

The technology could, according to one investor, make chemical batteries a thing of the past.

"The battery is very thin, it's carbon based and it's environmentally friendly," Professor Jia says. "We ?led a patent on the technology last year."

The technology is on the brink of becoming a commercial prototype.

Investment in its development will soon be under way through Graphene Solutions, a joint venture between graphite miner First Graphite Resources (FGR) and Melbourne electronics company Kremford Pty Ltd.

The BEST supercapacitor has an improved ability to quickly charge and discharge energy, and it can store signi?cant power for longer.

The project aims to create a supercapacitor that could more efficiently collect, store and discharge the energy collected by solar cells.

"Our centre has a history of making very good solar cells," Dr Lin says. "But there's a challenge in storing the energy generated from them. Sunshine changes all the time, depending on the weather, and that makes the current and voltage unstable. That's no good for batteries."

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