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Republicans think the travel ban is about security;

• by Dara Lind

And then there are the people who think "banning Muslims" and "protecting America" are two sides of the same coin.

Americans are more or less split along partisan lines about the court battle over President Trump's travel ban, according to a new poll released Tuesday by AP/NORC.

The poll found that 57 percent of Americans believe federal judges acted appropriately in putting the ban on hold while they consider its constitutionality, while 34 percent feel it's an inappropriate infringement on executive power. But how they feel about the court battle correlates pretty strongly with whose side they're on to begin with: 82 percent of Democrats said the courts acted appropriately, while 73 percent of Republicans said they didn't. (Independents, for their part, are split; 56 percent believe the courts acted appropriately.)

The AP/NORC poll didn't actually ask if Americans supported the ban or not, and how people feel about the court process might not perfectly reflect how they feel about the ban itself. (You can believe it's appropriate for courts to step in to block policies they believe are unconstitutional and still think that in this case, they happened to make the wrong decision.)