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8 essential items to help you survive any storm


For most of us, an elaborate doomsday bunker is overkill. But, when facing down a tornado, hurricane, blizzard, or whatever Mother Nature flings at you, a little preparation can save you from a real-life version of the grocery store frenzy in an end time zombie flick. Start with basics, like a three-day supply of water ( recommends one gallon per person per day), batteries, and the infinitely versatile duct tape. Then store these other essentials in a waterproof bucket. There—no fighting over Manwich.

For Health

Backpacker Extended First Aid Kit by REI

Backpacker Extended First Aid Kit


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A good first-aid kit includes more than just antacids, latex gloves, and Band-Aids. The Backpacker Extended First Aid Kit by REI includes sponges for bleeding, a moldable splint for bone breaks, and a bandage for making a sling. $55

For Sanity

Hoyle Clear waterproof deck

Hoyle Clear waterproof playing cards


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Step one: Explain to any nearby children what playing cards are. Step two: Enjoy games like Go Fish or Slap Jack with the Hoyle Clear waterproof deck. It will be a welcome distraction once the iPad batteries inevitably give out. $8

For Warmth

SOL Emergency Blanket

SOL Emergency Blanket


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The 7-foot SOL Emergency Blanket uses a shiny-silver aluminum coating to reflect 90 percent of your body heat back to you. Unlike other space blankies, its flip side is bright orange, making you easier to spot in an emergency. $6

For Alerts

WR400 Midland Weather Alert Radio

WR400 Midland Weather Alert Radio


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Listen to tunes or local news on the battery-powered WR400 Midland Weather Alert Radio via the AM/FM bands. It'll automatically interrupt with National Weather Service emergency alerts affecting your county. $58

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