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Why So Many Films are Shot in Georgia Rather than Hollywood

• by John Tamny

You just follow the money.  What happens is that you're faced with a situation of shooting somewhere you want to shoot, versus somewhere you'd less rather shoot – and you get an extra three weeks of filming.  It comes down to the fact that you have x amount of money to make your movie in a business where margins are really thin."

Few industries are more dominated by the left-wing political mindset than the film business. Despite the previous truth, filmmakers are ever in search of the lowest-cost way to produce their art.

As the Affleck quote from above reveals in living color, lefty Hollywood follows the money, or better yet, the best tax deal.  The superrich industry that almost monolithically supports tax hikes on the rich is always and everywhere in search of the lowest taxes possible.

Taxes are a price, or a penalty levied on production. In that case it's no coincidence that so many movies are nowadays shot in Georgia. Hollywood's best and brightest seek the lowest tax price (or better yet, the best tax incentive) to maximize profits in an industry defined by shrinking margins. The Peach State is very competitive on the tax front. 

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