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A New Look at Ike, Robert Welch, the JBS, William F. Buckley Jr. and National Review...

•, By Charles Burris

The author believes that in light of the hysterical 24/7 mainstream media/deep state driven obsession that the present president is a captive tool of the evil and nefarious Putin and the Russians, perhaps it is time for a reevaluation of Robert Welch's controversial book, The Politician, on Dwight Eisenhower, which asserted that Ike was not all what he appeared to the general public.

Especially note the specific excerpt from Welch below dealing with CIA director Allen Welch Dulles. I have long believed that it is this explicit passage that warranted the severe and deliberate sustained attack upon Welch by "CIA conservatives" William F. Buckley Jr. and James Burnham and their publishing vehicle, the National Review. The orthodox Buckleyites have a different spin on this tale and why WFB was a gatekeeper.

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