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Trump cracks down on alt-left violence (about time!)


After eight years of an administration that hated the police and coddled protesters, it looks like President Donald Trump is finally cracking down on the alt-left's violence. The Justice Department looks like it's getting ready to pounce on left-wing protesters who injured cops earlier this year.

Don't you think it's about time the ringleaders of these left-wing riots faced some consequences?

The DOJ has demanded all the records of a far-left website that stirred up violence at Trump's inauguration on January 20.

DisruptJ20 said it plotted to physically "disrupt" the peaceful transition of power from former President Barack Obama to Trump through a "diversity of tactics."

When protesters finally got to D.C., we saw those "tactics" explode all over the city.


Rioters beat up a chauffer before busting his limousine's windows.

They smashed the windows at any businesses that happened to be in the area. And they topped it off by throwing rocks at the police.

Six police officers were injured by their violence.

When all was said and done, police arrested 230 people and have indicted 214 of them so far. But they wanted to get to the heart of it. Where did they learn about these tactics?

From the website, according to the DOJ – and one look at their website makes it obvious why.

DisruptJ20's website may as well be called "Violent Riots for Dummies."

Its front page links to an online pamphlet teaching rioters how to spray police in the eyes with spray paint. That could blind officers permanently.

DisruptJ2- gave rioters in Ferguson an article titled, "In Defense of Looting." The article tells anti-police thugs that looting is "one of the most righteous anti-white supremacist tactics available." Even stealing liquor "still represents a material way that riots and protests help the community."

Malt liquor and 40 ouncers for justice!?

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