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What If The Choice Is Between God And Government?

• by Vin Suprynowicz

(Brunette here.) Are you skeptical about religion? Yes? . . . me too. Are you equally skeptical of Atheism? (Ditto.) Atheism seems quite popular at present; I take no issue with individual atheists, though evangelizing atheists (evangelists of any sort, frankly) DO irk me. Faith is an extremely personal thing to those who possess it. In tossing religion out the window, does it concern you that God might get the boot too? Recently I've come to see that as a problem that affects Americans (and Western cultures) in numerous ways. Once you abandon the tenet of a loving creator, you also abandon the presumed basis of equality, for starters.

Consequently, the presumption of equality risks becoming a casualty of the courts, crooked cops, politicians, and academics (i.e., lesser authorities) . . . it becomes Lucy's football (of Charlie Brown fame) rather than the immovable cornerstone of justice. The idea is that we're all created equal (by God), so the system must treat individuals as such. That concept is too important to scrap; it's repugnant to see it done casually out of misguided disdain for religion.

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Romans 13 in the Bible shows us 3 things about Government: a) God is Government above all other Government; b) Obey your Government; c) You are the one who selects which Government is your Government (although it is subtly shown).