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All-Electric Solar aCar Crosses Deserts, Hauls Loads, Powers Your Gear

•, by Mark Kane

The aCar is custom-designed for sub-Saharan Africa needs, complete with all-wheel drive off-road capabilities and a solar panel roof that helps to extend range.

The truck is very light (L7e), with just two 8 kW electric motorsand a 20 kWh battery, which also makes it more affordable.

Range is said to be around 80 km (50 miles), while the top speed is 60 km/h (37 mph).

Both passenger and cargo versions are planned for series production by a new company in the plug-in business – "Evum Motors GmbH".  Most importantly, the goal is to keep the price under 10,000 Euros ($11,798 USD) for the base version.

"Mobility is a part of our everyday lives: We transport large loads, commute to work, fly to a faraway country on vacation. However, access to a vehicle of any kind is hardly a given for many people in Africa. For farmers who live far from urban centers, this means that they have no direct access to medical care, education or to political processes. They are dependent on transport contractors who bring their products to the next city for sale in order to make a living. As a result many people are leaving rural areas in search of better living conditions in the city."

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