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Is there a single food that you can survive on forever?

•, By Ellen Airhart

For all of 2016, Andrew Taylor ate only potatoes. There were a few caveats: He ate both white potatoes and sweet ones, and sometimes mixed in soymilk, tomato sauce, salt and herbs. He also took B12 supplements. But, overall, he ate potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He took four blood tests over the year which he claims all came back normal. He even lost weight and felt more energized.

"If you have to choose one food, if you're one of the people that's getting sent to Mars, choose potatoes," says Taylor. "I'm not trying to be evangelical about potatoes, but it was a really good experience for me."

First and foremost, it's not a good idea to only eat one kind of food. To survive, we need 20 essential amino acids as well as 30 minerals and vitamins. Throughout history we've often combined foods, like rice and beans, yogurt and nuts, and even macaroni and cheese to a certain extent, in an attempt, or by accident, to intake the proper balance of nutrients that you usually can't attain from eating a single food item.