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Each Spacex Big Rocket could launch 4200 Cubic Meters of Bigelow Space Station...

•, brian wang

A couple of days ago Elon Musk announced that Spacex will be putting all of its development into a 150 ton payload fully reusable rocket. This will be ready around 2020-2022.

Bigelow BA 2100, or Olympus, is a conceptual design for a larger, heavier, and more capable expandable space station module, or interplanetary human transport module, by Bigelow Aerospace. The larger BA 2100 would extend the volume and capabilities of the BA 330 module, which is under development as part of the Bigelow Commercial Space Station. As with the BA 330 module, the number in the name refers to the number of cubic meters of space offered by the module when fully expanded in space.

The weight of the BA 2100 could be as low as 65 to 70 tonnes (143,000 to 154,000 lb), but would more likely be "in the range of 100 metric tons". If the weight of BA2100 was 75 tons or less, then two could be launched with each Spacex BFR (Big F*ing Rocket) launch.

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