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Russian making big wing in ground effect plane for Arctic and Pacific bases

• by brian wang

 By its dimensions, the car will be comparable to the famous "Caspian Monster" in Soviet times. The device is planned to be used in the Arctic and the Pacific for rescue operations and delivery of cargo to remote bases.

The sea skimming plane will be much faster than ships and boats and fly below most radar tracking and are immune to mines and torpedoes.

As the Izvestia was told in the Navy's commander-in-chief, the state program of armaments for 2018-2025 includes works on the development of a prototype 600-ton warfighter capable of solving various problems in the military's interests. The possibility of using such machines for search and rescue operations in the Arctic (along the Northern Sea Route), as well as for supplying remote garrisons, is considered. The development of the ekranoplan is carried out by JSC "Central Design Bureau for SEC of. R.E. Alekseyev ".

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