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"Let's Put Our Dicks On The Table" - Brazile Blasts "Sexist Behavior" Of Top

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The explosive excerpts from former DNC Interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile's new book - the aptly titled "Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House" - just keep coming, with today's bombshell arriving courtesy of the Huffington Post. In an ironic twist, considering Clinton's feminist bona fides, Brazile dishes on the sexist behavior that a certain all-male cohort of senior Hillary Clinton aides displayed toward her when she was running the DNC.

Brazile said the patronizing behavior of the Clinton aides made her so furious that, during one particularly contentious conference call, she said "gentlemen, let's just put our dicks out on the table and see who's got the bigger one, because I know mine is bigger than all of yours."

Yashar Ali, the reporter who wrote the story, was a co-chair of Clinton's presidential campaign in 2008, but no longer engages in political activity, according to a disclosure in the Huffington Post piece.

Two previous excerpts - one that was published in essay format by Politico, and another that was leaked to the Washington Post - revealed how the Clinton campaign and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz helped drive the DNC to the edge of bankruptcy before signing a joint fundraising allowing the DNC a "starvation diet" of money to fund its data, technology, analytics, research, and communications functions while the Clinton campaign would get veto power over hires in these areas, as well as the power of review over "strategic" and "general election related" decisions and communications in these areas.

These functions, Brazile claimed, effectively allowed the Clinton campaign to rig the Democratic primary against the insurgent campaign of Bernie Sanders. While top Democrats have denied or ridiculed Brazile's claims (with one group of Clinton staffers accusing her of succumbing to Russian propaganda), they have telling acknowledged that the DNC is planning to review its use of joint fundraising agreements.

Of course, Brazile later walked back some of her allegations during an appearance on ABC's "This Week" over the weekend, when she said there was no evidence that Clinton had rigged the primary.

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