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China wants to catch up to US rockets in 2020 and then get nuclear spaceships in 2045

• by brian wang

They will be ready for regular, large scale interplanetary flights, and carrying out commercial exploration and exploitation of natural resources by the mid-2040s.

China plans to catch up with the United States on conventional rocket technology by 2020.

If Spacex and Elon Musk achieve fully reusable rockets with the Falcon 9 or the BFR in the 2020-2022 timeframe then China would be 13-15 years behind if they hit their target for reusable rockets in 2035.

By 2030, China will put astronauts on the moon and bring samples back from Mars.

China's space transportation system road map:
??By 2020, China's mainstream rocket has reached the international first-class level and provides diversified commercial launch services globally.

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