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What is the Connection Between Uranium One ?" the Bundy Ranch and Hammond Ranch?

•, by Kathy Crest

Just about everyone is familiar with the Bundy Ranch standoff with the Bureau Of Land Management. It was a 20 year legal dispute between the government and a cattle rancher by the name of Cliven Bundy. It ended with Bundy's supporters gathering on his land, armed with rifles, and pushing back police and other authorities until they gave up.

The BLM had managed to gain court orders against Bundy, ordering him to pay over a million dollars in withheld grazing fees for his use of the federally owned land which was next to his ranch. Bundy was eventually banned from grazing his cattle on government land.

In the case of the Hammond Ranch, the owners had inadvertently set fire to government land while performing a controlled burn on their own property. The federal government set out to make an example of this family, charging them with crimes normally reserved for terrorists.

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