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Grit and Growth for Civilization

•, brian wang

Growth Mindset is better than fixed mindset

One potential way to build grit in people is to encourage a growth mindset. Individuals with a growth mindset believe intelligence and talent can be developed through hard work and dedication. By contrast, those with a fixed mindset believe a person's most basic abilities are fixed traits.

For a civilization a growth mindset is that vast improvement to civilization are possible.

A majority of people believe civilization is relatively fixed.

Many people want create and justify limits to civilization. However, just as people can achieve more, civilization – the action of all people can collectively achieve far more.

Many believe that we cannot expand beyond the earth. Many people have desperately wanted to limit human population.

The World can support over 100 billion people who each have double the per capita wealth of people in the USA today. This would be before the application of molecular nanotechnology or other advanced technologies.

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