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The Stat Liberals Ignore - Comparing Homicide Rates to Gun Ownership


If you keep an eye on the media these days, you may notice that whenever they talk about guns, they talk about "gun homicide" as well. As if these two figures are inextricably linked and tell the whole story of the gun debate.

It's simply not so.

An interesting graph that appeared on Facebook reminded me of the lies the anti-gunners tell using cherry-picked crime stats.

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Here's the graph:

Notice that it measures the international homicide rate as well as the per capita gun ownership rate. Right off the bat, I will tell you that this graph is skewed to favor our side of the aisle. It only contains a small set of the nations in the world and really doesn't tell the complete story.

Here's a more complete graph and I think we can all admit that our nation has some work to do:

But this next chart probably does the best job laying out our homicide rate compared to legal gun ownership.

From the Crime Prevention Research Center:

What most people don't understand is that homicides are not the same as murders.  Homicides add together murders and justifiable homicides (when a police officer or a civilian kills someone in self-defense).  The homicide rates are likely underestimated in a number of countries, particularly the worse ones.  In Venezuela, in 2015, the government claims that there were 18,000 murders, while the independent Venezuelan Violence Observatory says the number is almost 28,000.

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