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Analog quantum simulation based on laser-trapped circular Rydberg atoms

• by brian wang

This simulator combines the flexibility of atomic lattices and the individual atomic observable read-out typical of ion trap, together with the strong dipole-dipole interactions of Rydberg atoms. Defect-free atomic chains can be prepared by an evaporative cooling method, which finally leaves the atoms near their vibrational ground state. Evaporation also provides us with a unit-efficiency individual-spin detection. A proper microwave dressing leads to a fully tunable spin- X X Z chain Hamiltonian. Its parameters are under direct experimental control, a unique feature of this simulator. The long lifetime of the laser-trapped circular atoms, protected from spontaneous emission, makes it possible to follow the dynamics over unprecedented time intervals, in the range of 100,000 times the spin flip-flop period. Moreover, the individual detection of all spin observables makes it possible to access a wealth of interesting properties, such as entanglement properties and local entropies.

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