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British Government Is Trying to Censor the Internet by the Back Door

•, by Matthew Morgan

Matt Hancock wants for everyone to have to use their passports in order verify their age but one big issue with this proposal is that many people don't have a passport, especially children. This would to many people no longer being able to use social media websites due to a lack of a passport.

Basically, Matt Hancock wants everybody to have to use a passport to sign into social media, for this, he is using the classic think of the children argument. If you want to know the true intentions of a law like this than just read this section of the article "under proposals being drawn up to tame the "wild west" of the internet.".

This talk of "age-appropriate material" and "time cut-offs" combined with wanting your social media account tied to official ID should have you worried as the government are very anti-free speech. This will make it easier for the government to arrest you for saying anything "offensive".

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