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'He doesn't mention terrorism or hate.

• by Hannah Parry

Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, blew himself up as police tried to arrest him about 2am Wednesday

Police were able to zero in on the bomber after obtaining CCTV footage of him posting two packages at a FedEx office in Austin on Sunday night 

Austin Police, Chief Brian Manley, revealed that Conditt was aware the cops were closing in on him, and made a 25 minute video on his phone, confessing to the attacks 

'This was very troubled young man who was talking about the challenges in his life that led him to take the actions he took,' Manley said, adding that there were no mentions of terrorism or hate in the clip 

The police chief said that Conditt had talked in detail about each and every bomb he created, and he was confident that all the explosives had now been accounted for

 The chief said that Conditt did not explain why he'd targeted his specific victims

The bomber had gone on a three week bombing spree that killed two people and injured at least five others

The most recent package bomb detonated at a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio early Tuesday  

Bomber used 'exotic' batteries ordered online from Asia to make his bombs and bought some equipment from a local Home Depot store

Conditt, who previously worked as a computer repair technician, is believed to have made the bombs himself

His extended family in Colorado said they were in shock following the revelation Conditt was a serial bomber 

Neighbors described Conditt as a quiet, studious young man who came from a 'good Christian' family 

His 2012 blog posts indicate he was in favor of the death penalty and was against gay marriage and abortion


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