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The NSA Main Core program authorizes computer searches through a massive electronic database...

•, By Lexi Morgan

Alternative media guru and radio talk show host Shepard Ambellas explained on Monday's show how the National Security Agency has already entered eight million Americans into a massive supercomputer database called Main Core.

"In the event of a national emergency these potential threats will be identified and they will be dealt with accordingly," Ambellas said. "These potential threats are Americans, dissidents, according to the U.S. government, people who have been cataloged."

There are over eight million of them now listed in the Main Core," he explained. "Everyone in there is a potential suspect."

According to Ambellas, the people who have been cataloged by the system have already been split up into two groups which are 'red' and 'blue.'

Rumor has it that Americans listed by the NSA's Main Core may also find red or blue markings on either their mailbox or curb in front of their homes so that when it comes time the military or a specialized police force will round up the red listers first in the wee hours of the night before taking the remaining blue listed dissidents into custody several weeks later.

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