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Bolton is Adelson's Poodle and Trump Needs Adelson's Cash for November

• by Charles Bausman

David Cohen threw fundraisers for the Israeli army. Now he runs Comcast, which owns NBC. Gary Ginsberg wrote speeches for Benjamin Netanyahu. He's a high executive at Time Warner.

If these guys were working for Russians, just think of the outrage. But it's Israel. So it's considered impolite, or coarse, or prejudicial, to mention these connections."

There was an enormous hullabaloo when Trump appointed Bolton, but very little discussion about the fact that the basic business model for policy guys like Bolton is to fundraise from people willing to put up the money to pay for private schools and nice cars for the kids and wife. Take a look at the heavily Jewish donors to Bolton's Super Pac in 2016 (hat tip to Brother Nathanael).  

And it's not just Bolton. When not in office pushing Jewish interests, top policy guys like Brennan, Clapper, and McMaster, are on the money trail, hoovering up cash from Jewish interests. This needs to be written about more and exposed for what it is. Come on alternative media, get with it! The mainstream media certainly will not discuss this disgraceful truth of American politics.

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