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Want to Build a Killer App for Bitcoin Cash? Look No Further


The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is growing relentlessly as far as infrastructure and development are concerned. So far the decentralized cryptocurrency has gained a lot of support from various exchanges and wallet providers, while other developers are building unique protocols around the BCH chain. On the development side of things there are three pretty useful tools programmers can use to contribute to the BCH environment — 'Flowee' the BCH API platform, '' a BCH javascript library, and the 'Bitbox' toolkit for bitcoin cash.

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Many people often wonder if there are any development APIs and toolkits created for the bitcoin cash network so they can help develop some neat platforms on the BCH chain. Right now there are three useful resources for developers who want to build with the bitcoin cash blockchain. The bitcoin cash community is a very open atmosphere with more than six development teams working on the protocol, and in just a few short months there has been a slew of neat apps released using the BCH chain. One particular project created by the former Bitcoin Classic developer, Tom Zander, wants to progress the growth of BCH development in an accelerated fashion.

Flowee the Easy to Use Development Hub and API for Bitcoin Cash

Want to Build a Killer App for Bitcoin Cash? Look No Further

Flowee is a hub that can talk to the BCH network by utilizing an easy to understand application programming interface (API). Basically, Zander is building an axis that allows for communication between bitcoin cash data and applications.

"In the hub, we process all those bitcoin data structures and as such, this is the lowest level of the stack where end-user bitcoin applications make the top-level of the stack," explains the introduction to Flowee concepts. "In the hub, a network-based API is made available which is made to enable fast processing of huge amounts of data in a bi-directional manner. A quick example is that a tool can connect to the Hub and subscribe to a specific bitcoin address — The connection stays open and when a payment comes in for that address the hub will send a notification to the user."

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